Project DYNAMIC started

Today officially starts my project DYNAMIC, for which I acquired funding at the competitive Software Campus program (funded through the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)). DYNAMIC deals with distributed online social networks and with the creation of dynamic social graphs based on location, context, and profile data.

In current Online Social Networks, relations between users are mostly based on explicitly created connections. In DYNAMIC, we want to extend the concept of explicit connections by implicit, dynamic social graphs. Those graphs will be created on the users’ mobile devices, based on location, context, and profile data. The dynamic social graphs with their qualified relations can be utilized for applications like search, recommendation, the dissemination of messages, or the estimation of trust levels between users that are not yet connected.

The project is a collaboration between the Technical University of Berlin and Deutsche Telekom AG. You can find my Software Campus profile here. You can find my project website here.