TYDR and IC4F presented at Long Night of Science in Berlin

We presented TYDR and our first research results based on the collected data at the Long Night of Science in Berlin (German: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften). Many visitors from all walks of life were curious to learn more about the app and our results.

Additionally, we presented IC4F (Industrial Communication for Factories). For a non-technical audience, new concepts from computer science and engineering are often hard to grasp. In order to introduce a general audience to topics related to Industry 4.0, we designed and developed a demonstrator game. The Who wants to be a millionaire? style quiz game lets the player experience indoor positioning based on Bluetooth signal strength firsthand. We found that such an interactive game demonstrator can function as a conversation-opener and is useful in helping introduce concepts relevant for many future jobs.

A fully mobile Raspberry PI with touchscreen for the demonstrator game.
One of the four Bluetooth beacons with external battery for the game setup.
Our TYDR presentation area.